All change at the top!

For 2018 we have a new Chairman in Jamie Vaughan, having been voted in by members at the AGM. We wish him luck and are excited to see what new ideas he will bring to the table in his new role!

Everyone at Forresters Car Club would like to thank our outgoing Chairman Neil Fuller who has held the role for over 15 years and done so much for the club over that time. His roles at Forresters, Welsh Association of Motor Clubs and the MSA has given us huge insight and helped us move forward as one of the premier clubs in South Wales. We are also delighted that Neil will continue to serve on the clubs committee, a big thank you to Neil, Jamie has some big shoes to fill!

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the other new and returning members of the committee and thank them for taking an active role in the running of the club:

Chairman: Jamie Vaughan
Secretary: Paul Goodman
Treasurer: Mike Taylor
Committee Members: Neil Fuller, Kevin Haven, Mike Hurley, Richard Lomax, Jon Lougher, Stephen Mace, Kelvin Saunders and Tom Wood


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