Acorn Travel MidSummer Caerwent Date Change

Following notification from the MoD that a large exercise has been booked to take place at Caerwent DTE, Forresters Car Club has been forced to reschedule the Acorn Travel MidSummer Caerwent and today has announced the revised date of 10th June 2018.

Jamie Vaughan, club chairman explained: “Whilst we request our dates with the Ministry of Defence some three years before each event, we appreciate that Caerwent DTE is an ever increasing key training area for our armed forces with its warren of roads and plethora of buildings, and their use of it takes top priority.  Having originally planned the Acorn Travel MidSummer Caerwent for the 17th June, we were recently told that a large exercise had been announced which is planned to take over the base for a number of weeks and unfortunately this encompassed the date we had planned to use the venue.  Following discussions with our organising team, championships and volunteers, and being mindful of not clashing with other local events, we have managed to obtain agreement to change the date by just one week to 10th June.  We would like to thank the Ministry of Defence and its agent Landmarc for assisting us in finding an alternative date.  With the exercise starting on the Monday it does mean we need to vacate the venue quickly on the Sunday night so our volunteer officials will be working hard to clear the venue in quick time to avoid being suspected of being the enemy when the exercise starts!”.

It’s a busy few months for Forresters Car Club with the Marshall & Hicks Print Media Tour of Caerwent occurring this weekend and then the Architexture Ltd Dixies Challenge taking place on the 29th April.  Detailed planning for the Acorn Travel MidSummer Caerwent will commence shortly after the Tour of Caerwent, so further information will be available in early April, with regulations to follow later that month.


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