Stage Rally Challenge

Stage Rally Challenge 2018


1. Forresters Car club sealed surface rally challenge in accordance with the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association United Kingdom, (Incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), and these Rally Challenge 2018 Regulations.

2. The championship will be held under:
– The general and technical regulations of the Motor Sports Association.
– These regulations.
– The supplementary regulations as issued for each of the qualifying rounds.
– Any bulletins or additional regulations as issued by the championship organisers or the organisers of each qualifying round.

3. The Championship coordinator is Dan Saunders
E-Mail- Tel- 07710696009

4. All participants must be fully paid up members of FCC in 2018

5. Entries must be made with Forresters Car Club on the entry, NO points will be awarded to any competitor if Forresters car club is not listed as their club on the published entry list for each event.

6. This championship will consist of sealed surface events and one mixed being Builth Showground. Only the events listed in the calendar will be eligible to score points. There will be 10 events to choose from.

7. The championships will work on a best 5 score principal, being the best 5 scores gained over the year will be totaled up to make the final score for that competitor.

8. Scoring system first FCC member will get 25pts, 2nd 20pts, 3rd 18pts, 4th 15pts , 5th 12pts, 6th 10pts, 7th 8pts, 8th 6pts 9th 4pts 10th 3pts 11th plus 2pts. All DNF 1 Point

9. In the event of a tie at the end of the year it will revert back to the competitor who scores the most points on the first round that will decide the winner.

10. All protests must be logged no later than 7 days after Results are posted/mailed. All registered competitors will need to provide an up to date email address for correspondence and to receive results.

Sponsored by

Steve Blackham Motor Repairs
Boat House
Bandon Lane
01746 768800
07896 994603

List of rounds

R1- 25th March Tour of Caerwent
R2- 7th April Get it sideways @ Down Ampney
R3- 29th April Dixies Challenge @ Epynt
R4-26th May Red Dragon IT Stages @ Down Ampney
R5- 3rd June Mini Epynt Stages
R6- 24th June Mid-Summer Caerwent
R7- 2nd September Smeatharpe Stages
R8- 30th September Patriot Stages Caerwent
R9- 21st October Peter Lloyd Stages @ Pembrey
R10- 3rd November Builth Showground Stages

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