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Important Notice: Remember to put your points in the Green/Red book (see Dave Price) before the end of November. This is important as it has decide the FCC annual awards.

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November 2015
December 2015


After a great effort by a lot of people, we final get to hand over a cheque

for £3000 to Latch Children's Cancer Charity


Manning a finish control on the Red Dragon Rally 2016


A trip to Shelsley Walsh hill climb for the Classic Nostalgia July 2016


Forresters Car Club Charity 2015

We started the year with our chosen Charity Wales Air Ambulance.

Our monthly quiz organised by Andy Campling taking place on the last Thursday of each month, which we well attended with Rule 6 being applied regularly thanks to Andy. Then it was the start of our three rallies which we run

in Caerwent. This is where we run a Raffle for competitors to buy a raffle ticket on any of the events with the prize being a free entry into one of the

following years event. The three events were Tour of Caerwent, Garth Tyres and Auto Service and the Patriot stages being the last when the draw take place the winner being Mr Martin Masters from Barnstaple.

The next event was our Motorsport Evening in July with Newtown Motors of Cwmbran. We have run this event for 5 years, where we invite people to bring their rally cars, classic cars and modern sports car. The evening also have Car Rides, Raffle and auction. We try to encourage younger, older and new members to

come and join us on Thursday evenings at are weekly meetings at are local club. Finally a street collection in Cwmbran Town Centre with Wales Air Ambulance and Forresters Car Club. This was another great day with lots of our members turning up to promote the Club and encourage more people to come and join us. With members coming to speak who were in the club are 10 to 15 years ago. There is one last quiz left for this year on 17th December with our running total being £2600


Forresters members take a trip over to Castle Combe for the Rally Day 2014.

The legendary DP Rally Tours hosting the travel arrangements.



Forresters Car Club tackles another Monmouth annual raft race. Finishing 19th out of 90 finishers.



A team picture of the Forresters Car Club sponser Caerwent Football Team.

Thanks to Dave Thomas of Raintite and Paul Goodman for bring there cars along to the photo shoot.

Photo taken by Carwyn Lothian of Ralliphoto Wales



"Golden" Generation get together at the Motorsport Evening, held at Newtown Motors.



A spot of Mini Golf at the Celtic Manor Resort in July, Darren Price victor on the night after 18 holes.



Well done to Andy, Helen and Ben Campling and thank you to everybody who donated money for the “Wallace & Gromit’s” Grand Appeal supporting Bristol Children’s Hospital. A total of £2,300 was raised.



Forresters Car Club at the Caerwent Show

Paul, Kelvin and Mike showing the people of Caerwent and the surrounding areas

what our motorsport is all about.




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