Important Notice: Remember to put your points in the Green/Red book (see Dave Price) before the end of November. This is important as it decides the FCC annual awards. Click for Points Claim Form.

Forresters Charity Quiz Challenge - Points Table (Dec) here.

2017 Forresters Sealed Surface Rally Challenge - Regulations & Calender

Club Nights & Rallies:


If you have any ideas for things you want to do at a club night, please talk to any committee member!



2017 Nominated Charity

The 2017 charity is the Alzheimer's Society. Money has started coming in from the first event. Anything or amount is gratefully received.


WAMC & Go Motorsport 'Getting started in Motorsport in Wales' Junior Challenge

The Go Motorsport campaign has been set up by the Motor Sports Association, governing body of UK motor sport, to show people of all ages just how easy it is to get involved in one of the world’s most exciting and fast moving sports. From the age of just eight, motor sport can offer an enjoyable hobby, an elite athlete career path or a full-time career opportunity in one of the many associated industries. Go Motorsport presentations are delivered by a team of ten Regional Development Officers across the United Kingdom. They are former or current drivers, extremely knowledgeable, fully trained and of course CRB-checked. In Wales the RDO is Howard Davies.

WAMC Getting started information - Click Here

MSA manifesto

The MSA has recently released a manifesto in its attempt to promote motorsport in particular given the upcoming elections.  Part of this manifesto is the promotion of the ability to enable closed road rallying, something which the club thinks will improve the future prospects of rallying no end in the UK.  See below for the full manifesto, but in particularly we would encourage you to visit the link and download the proforma letter to send to your local MP.  The more awareness we can give to this manifesto, the better.

Young Members Initiative

As agreed at the AGM in January, the club is once again running the Young Members Initiative, giving young members the chance to win a fully paid BARS course.  The draw will be made for this at the Awards Evening, and the closing date for submitting entries is 1st December.  So if you want to enter, make sure your cards are submitted to one of the authorized signees (to be found on the back of the entry card) by 1st December.

What do you the membership want from the club

What would you the member of the club like to see happening in the future. As a feeler please let us know what you would like to be doing, from Autosolo's to inter Club Karting evenings. If there is something that you would like the club to promote or organise please tell us. Get in touch with Jon Lougher


Please don’t forget that 1st February was the start of our new membership year. If you don’t renew by the end of the month, this will be the last newsletter you receive by e-mail from us, so contact Kev Haven (application form is available on our website) if you want to renew. A membership form can be download here.

Opie Oils -

FCC has managed to get a special offer for FCC members from the website "Opie Oils". It sells a variety of products which may be of interest to you. When you register, make sure you say that you are a member of Forresters, and then you will get discounts off many of their products


If you have any ideas or comments about the club and its events, the AGM is not your only chance to voice your views. Speak to any committee member at any time.

They are: Neil Fuller, Mike Taylor, Richard Lomax, Kelvin Saunders, Paul Goodman, Kevin Haven, Steve Mace,

Jamie Vaughan, Jon Lougher & Tom Wood

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